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Meet the Team

Founded in 2012, we are an evening school for young classical and jazz musicians, providing weekly ensemble training in Bristol. Our talented students come together in a fun yet challenging environment to develop ensemble skills and complete musicianship.

It's a community of like minds, drawn from all over the city. We encourage curiosity, creativity and versatility, building the skill-set required for today’s professional musician.

Our approach to theory is to learn through doing, applying concepts and ideas on the instrument and voice, complementing what is taught on the school curriculum and taking it to the next level.

In the opening sessions for the whole group, we work on ear skills and on appreciating music in its widest expression, deliberately blurring boundaries. Students will learn about and create music from all sorts of styles, from Congolese rhythms through to Stravinsky ballets. Artists and professionals from the industry visit regularly to enrich these sessions.

Afterwards, students will have two hours of small ensemble training with experienced and inspiring tutors.

There are two strands to apply to, Intermediate and Senior. For more details and how to apply, read here.


Creating a musical planet in 40 minutes

Meet the Team